Cecilia Anicama


Cecilia Anicama is an international human rights lawyer with post graduate
studies at the Strasbourg university in France. Cecilia has been working as child
protection officer at the United Nations Secretariat since 2015. Previously, she
worked as a child protection specialist with UNICEF, human rights officer at the
Inter American Commission on Human Rights (OAS), regional child rights
governance coordinator at Save the Children Sweden and head of the human
rights office at the Andean Commission of Jurists.
Cecilia is also a yoga teacher. She teaches Vinyasa style yoga and completed her
200-hour teacher training certification at “Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio” in New
York in 2017. She also took private yoga training in Bali, Indonesia, in Nepal and
is currently crafting her 300 hour certification at Laughing Lotus. She is a
devoted yoga teacher, who experience yoga from a perspective of devotion and
self-discipline. Yoga helps her live life to its full potential, stay present, and
simply be in the NOW. Cecilia’s classes are filled with good beats, energized
vinyasa flows with a dash of mantras, mudras, meditation and YOU! Just breathe
and let the soul flow!